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image E-KmX E-Commerce as a Service

E-KmX ecommerce software services help merchants to realize the potential of their business, while at the same time improving web store visibility and how shoppers interact with the website. Our advanced ecommerce technology is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

image Software Development for Cloud Computing

Kimerax offers Software Development Services taking advantage of Cloud Computing technologies like the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Simple Storage Service (S3). With these technologies, we can offload activities requiring processing power and create powerful internet applications that would previously have been impractical to implement.

image Technology Consulting

Success in business depends on successful IT use. E-Commerce and e-Business solutions, properly planned and implemented, extend the reach of the enterprise to customers, business partners, and suppliersm here is where KimeraX helps CIOs and IT Managers make the right decisions consistently, throughout each phase of the IT life cycle.

image Software Localization Services

You already know that localizing your software is the best way to increase sales. We'll help you do it quickly, easily and on a tiny budget.